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About Us

The main objective of our Association is to give fullest possible support to our member industries in achieving their business goals and to provide guidance and represent them in the matter of infrastructure, amenities, taxation and litigation, to the Government.

Our members are mostly engineering industries engaged in manufacturing equipments mainly for power sector. We have a few industries amongst ourselves who have expanded their manufacturing operations in foreign countries also.

Our association is representative of close to 900 micro, small, medium and large industries producing various types of components and equipments required for Transformers, Motors, Generators, Turbines and Switchgear. There are OEM’S also.

These industries are spread over 700 acres of land known as Govindpura Industrial Area situated in a beautiful city of Bhopal, the capital of state of Madhya Pradesh in India. The combined turnover of the area is more than 2000 crores including exports.

Our clientele includes Indian Railways, Defense, Power sector OEM’s multinationals, Govt. and public sector enterprises. We are exporting our products all over the world.

Our Mission

• Acting as a bridge between its members and the Government and other legal bodies, in order to make the relationship smoother.
• Building a Centre of Excellence for its members for better technology, precise results, scientific data base.
• Being a point of contact for any one seeking investment, joint-ventures or merger etc. in Govindpura Industrial Area.
• Conducting marketing events for the promotion of the member industries.
• Being a point of contact for business enquiries.
• Recognition of excellence of our members.

Our Vision

“To become India’s leading Industry association creating a better and supportive world for its members, society and country".

Who We Are

Govindpura Industries Association, popularly known as GIA, is the most vibrant organ of the Industrial Township.GIA has been instrumental in all developmental activities that have gone into bringing up the township to what it is today.

The Association took shape in 1968 with a handful of progressive industrialists. Thanks to the vision and foresight of its Presidents, the Association is nurtured to cherish high ethical values in all spheres of its activities.

GIA renders invaluable services to its constituents in all strata of industrial activities and performs a catalytic role in implementing various policies and programs of the Government. The Association has always been successful in representing the grievances of its members with the ultimate objective of promoting and strengthening trade and commerce.

GIA’s structure and wide range of expertise allows the association to be highly responsive to our members’ needs, assessing and shaping legislative and regulatory activities in collaboration with executives from member companies. GIA strives for a detailed understanding of the business operations for our members. Such understanding is vital in translating their technology, business, and policy needs into action.

Our Achivement

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